Lake cruises

In Hotel Keurusselka you have the possibility of taking a cruise on a unique paddlewheel ship called Elias Lönnrot in Lake Keurusselka. The ships home port in summer 2019 is the hotels pier, where it will serve as a restaurant when not sailing.

The ship is lookalike copy of the previous ship called Elias Lönnrot that sailed in Keurusselka at late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

The ship will have regular, one hour long cruises from the hotel to Ahtola Port (in Keuruu). There will also be a music themed cruises with popular Finnish music artists and longer Inland Lake cruises.

The paddlewheel ship is also available for groups and special events. The ship has space for 125 people.

For more information and group bookings, contact our sales team:

Pirkko Koskela

Group bookings, conferences

Phone: +358 40 661 3493

Seppo Tolvanen

Group bookings, conferences

Phone: +358 40 635 8185